6. Team

Founder - JK https://twitter.com/kitjacky https://github.com/KitJacky/JK https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacky-kit-6541b640

Twenty years ago, in 2000, I learned about bitcoin and tried its initial wallet. I also tried BTC mining, but I wasn't impressed and gave up. I stored the wallet somewhere, but lost track of it. In 2015, I began studying sidechains, but it's now out-of-date since a lot of talk is about Layer 2.

In 1997, I developed Hong Kong's inaugural dating website and chat room registration system employing CGI/PERL and MDB technology, establishing the world's premier SaaS. Weekly events were held on the site, attracting more than 10,000 users. It gained legendary status during the 33.6K Modem era, as people who had never met each other participated. Moreover, after sharing different MEMEs for promotion through ICQ, the site attracted more new users and swiftly garnered popularity, my website achieved the third highest number of visitors in Hong Kong, placing behind Yahoo!. Two years later, I started my BBS and N ewsgroup. My passion lies within the fields of science, history, writing, innovation, and technology, and I have dedicated significant time to studying and exploring these subjects to this day. (Source: Hong Kong Wiki: https://evchk.fandom.com/zh/wiki/JackyKit)

JK has expertise in cryptocurrencies and has been actively participating in the blockchain community since 2017. He has over 20 years of experience in the digital startup field and has played an active role as an entrepreneur and investor. JK has created a variety of Web 2.0 products since 1997, reflecting his extensive experience in Internet development.

Over the course of the initial ten years, he acquired skills in several programming languages. In the next ten years, JK focused on designing and developing computer systems, infrastructure, and cloud technology. He managed the creation of the MEME Network internet user product, leading its development and ensuring it met all architectural requirements.

Product Lead - Jeff Lam

Jeff Lam is a senior developer with over 20 years experience in web, mobile, and back-end applications development. He has a strong knowledge of cryptography, which includes encryption and decryption using symmetric algorithms, hash functions and digital signatures. Meanwhile, he oversees the development team creating the decentralized applications on the Meme chain.

Social Media & Partnerships Engagement & Memer Recruitment Officer - Curtis H.


I have been in crypto since 2017 when i was first stumbling upon Bitcoin’s major price pump to $32k. I had not really dove into crypto until Q4 2021 when i started studying ATOM, I definitely have spent a lot of time learning the ecosystem and trying to wrap my head around the tech and became super bullish like most. I was unfortunate to not have enough money/attention to participate in the launch of Osmosis and benefit from the early rise in Q4 of 2021. I had not been able to meet the snapshots for the main chain debuts, but manage to snag a few airdrops from 2022, one of which was from Meme Network. I have always felt the need to be not only social, but a driving force for a community. I am naturally motivationally spirited and tend to be on the optimistic side of things. I feel the need of Humor in life and this is what has made Meme Network so interesting to me.

Prior to this year I was granted the role in Marketing with a Grant of $1M $MEME. Since then i have added more interest into the project with the launch of their product MemeArt. Now I am currently the Community Development Lead and Still doing Marketing. I hope to lead more to this project as an Ambassador.

Technology Lead - Jack Lee

Jack Lee is a systems architect with over 10 years of experience creating meaningful experiences on the World Wide Web. He leads a technology team with knowledgeable engineering skills in establishing a secure and high-speed blockchain infrastructure. His unique skill set is indispensable to bridging the gap between the technical and business worlds.

Branding & Design Lead - Sun Chan

Sun Chan has over 15 years of experience in building start-up projects that make sense in the fintech market. His strong experience assists him in designing Meme brand images and creating graphics to distribute business ideas to the public on the Meme project.

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