4.4. Content Creation & Heritage System

You’ve probably noticed the rising popularity of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) as a way to buy and sell digital content. People are paying thousands, even millions, to own exclusive pieces of digital art in the form of a unique digital token on a blockchain.

Unlike centralized platforms, NFTs provide a sustainable and reliable alternative to monetizing content. The beautiful thing about NFTs is that the market determines the value of particular content. Fans and supporters of a particular art piece will have to bid for it. Therefore, the price at which it would be sold is free from any external influence. Moreover, creators will also receive royalty tokens anytime the NFT is sold.

The community that supports NFT creation and collection plays a large part in the success or failure of a project and the value of its assets. Culture is what attracts and binds a community together. Among other things, culture is a distillation of the ethos, attitude, experiences, beliefs, tastes, and aesthetics shared by a community. Culture can be measured in material, social, and artistic value, and having a well-defined culture helps the community grow. Our community aims to curate a scalable culture. Our exceptionally user-friendly community has social media platforms for innovative and accessible communication, eye-catching videos, and exciting games, which provide a harmonious atmosphere for NFT creation, enabling an organic growth of influence through the efforts and interactions of our users while remaining recognizable.

We provide a platform for digital creators, which allows you to convert your files in a few simple steps. In most cases, you begin with selecting a file, then create a wallet, and the wallet will enable you to join our NFT marketplace, wherein you can list, promote, and sell your NFT.

MEME Art NFT contract: cw721-Heritage-System

The Heritage-System smart contract developed by Meme Network, based on the cosmwasm repo, supports MEME Art's NFT service on the CW-721 blockchain. cw721-Heritage-System works with all Cosmos SDK modules on the chain that support it.

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