4.2. MEME’s Liquidity Pool in OSMOSIS

A liquidity pool is a vault into which participants deposit their assets to form a market (trading pair) and make it liquid for those wishing to trade in that pair. Technically speaking, the vault is a smart contract that securely enables users to store their tokens. Liquidity mining may result in impermanent loss, and please assess the risk before diving into the ecosystem.

Meme Network liquidity pool

The OSMOSIS Frontier allows Memers to participate in incentivized $MEME liquidity pools for liquidity mining to earn incentives and swap fees. This tutorial shows you how to provide the liquidity pool with $OSMO and $MEME. Currently, the Meme Network establishes two liquidity pools in the OSMOSIS, that offers liquidity-providing incentives.

  • Pool Liquidity : The total amount in the pool

  • My Liquidity : The liquidity amount that you own in this pool

  • Bonded : The liquidity that you bonded with this pool

  • Swap Fee : The fee that people have to pay if they swap in the liquidity pool

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