1.1. Meme Culture

What Memes Do

If genes are the key to how the human body works, memes are the essence of the human brain - a tool of collective thinking and communication. Memes may be the main drive for inventions like our language systems, pens, phones, and, of course, the Internet. All these capable and convenient communication tools are invented to help memes self-replicate, allowing more people to take part in the reproduction and spreading of memes as the pinnacle form of sophisticated communication.

The Internet Memes

Now-a-day when memes go viral on the Internet, it has a more significant meaning than what Mr. Dawkins thinks. Internet memes have become a new lingo online and taken over the internet social culture, from niche inside jokes for two people to major advertising campaigns, or even defining political moments. People create and share memes for the purpose of expressing opinions and emotions through pairing visual images with witty captions.

What Makes a Meme a Meme

Dawkins identified three key elements of a successful genetic variant: copy-fidelity, fecundity, and longevity. That also explained how memes work.

Copy-fidelity & Fecundity

For a good organic viral, a meme must have the ability to replicate a simple, quick, and shareable formula accurately to turn a long story short for any message, be it a real-life behavior, an image, a text or a video.


Furthermore, a popular Internet Meme has a good staying power, it should be creative and fun in particular. Not only does a humorous, ironic emotional trigger improve our mood and mental health, but it is also a powerful social glue that helps people overcome cultural barriers. Memes offer a simple way to borrow the FUN or other emotions to inspire a sense of belonging and connectedness with the person who shared it with us.

Meme Future

We can't predict the future trends of memes but we know memes have become one of the main ways to keep up with trending topics, leading the vibe in almost all social platforms and communities online. The future of memes is expected to be strongly bound to the next-gen social media, new tech like VR, and the possibilities of the Web3. These environments have to be friendly for meme creators and users. That is why we focus on how to improve the way to create Memes throughout the product.

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